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Predatory Lending

Seattle, Washington, Predatory Lending Attorney

Foreclosure rescue scams are designed to target individuals and families on the brink of real estate foreclosure.  By agreeing to excessive and illegal loan fees in a predatory loan to refinance a mortgage and avoid foreclosure, people are often tricked and trapped into a higher monthly payment.  As a result, usually these people ultimately lose their homes.  If you have been victimized in the course of a foreclosure by a "lender" offering help, we can assist you in determining whether this is really help or harm.

Contact Leen & O'Sullivan, PLLC, in Seattle, Washington, for a free telephone consultation with a knowledgeable consumer protection attorney to discuss your concerns about predatory lending.

Often these predatory lending practices include excessive penalties for refinancing or pre-payment of high-interest loans.  Instead of helping individuals avoid foreclosure, these predators are instead trapping the consumer in a long term obligation at an unreasonably high interest rate.  This can leave the borrower in a situation that is worse than before they received this "help."

Our law firm offers real help to individuals who have found themselves in difficult financial circumstances.  We provide thoughtful legal guidance in matters of foreclosure, Chapter 7 bankruptcyChapter 13 bankruptcyrebuilding credit after bankruptcy, and abusive collection practices.

Leen & O'Sullivan  lawyers are highly regarded throughout the state of Washington for leadership in foreclosure law and personal bankruptcy matters.  We have 45 years combined legal practice experience and are devoted to providing clients with the personal attention and dedicated representation they deserve.

Be wary of aggressive lenders promising a quick-fix by signing a quit-claim deed.  Many people have had their equity stolen and been evicted from their homes due to these predatory lending practices.

Do not let this happen to you. Contact Leen & O'Sullivan to discuss your legal concerns regarding foreclosure and predatory lending with a knowledgeable attorney in a free telephone consultation.  We have your best interests at heart.

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We are a federally designated debt relief agency.   We help people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.

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